The literature review of Taylor‘s scientific management

1. Introduction

When it is related to the management history, it is necessary to mention about Frederick Winslow Taylor who is a controversial person in this field. Taylor‘s scientific management also be called Taylorism. As we all know, Taylor’s innovations have made a great effect on the industrial engineering, especially in time and motion studies, which has improved the productivity in dramatically speed for a long time.

However, these innovations affect the interests of some people. Therefore, his scientific management has been criticized by some researchers and workers, because they thing that Taylor destroys the soul of work with dehumanizing factories, and making people into automatons. In my opinion, it was with the help of Taylor's scientific management that many factories can be managed by scientific methods instead of the empirical. After I have read this book, I think this is not only a book, but also Taylor’s wisdom of the management. The following part will discuss about some information about Taylor and his innovations, which are quite interesting.

2. Main body 

In 1901, he left this company, and then started his consultant work for free, during which he published his book: Factory Management and The Principles of Scientific Management (Taylor, 1997). Taylor has become more and more famous with his works.